Treatment of hair loss with herbs and natural oil

We have provided many solutions to worry for hair of all types , and during this article we'll discuss the way to treat hair loss with herbs and natural oils from the prophetic medicine of the Prophet, Urvida and Chinese medicine. regardless of the explanation for your hair loss, every disease features a cure.

Treatment of hair loss with herbs and natural oil

Treatment of hair loss with herbs and natural oils

There are thousands of mixtures and recipes available on the web that the owners claim to be effective in treating hair loss, a number of which are real and have truly satisfactory results, and lots of haven't any basis in fact . the planet in previous eras didn't know modern chemistry nor pharmaceutical industry within the way we all know it today, but you! They were totally hooked in to herbs and natural plants for treatment and healing, and lots of of their successful habits were passed right down to us.

Even i think you'll say that modern science, current studies and research don't serve medicine treatment for several reasons. Perhaps the foremost correct reason for this is often that herbs and traditional methods of treatment don't serve the interests of pharmaceutical factories and corporations who manufacture toxins and write clearly that they're very harmful to health or that they're Cause serious health problems within the end of the day .

So !, my friend! We are trapped between doctors contracting with pharmaceutical companies who won't prescribe to you aside from drugs from these companies and can sell their consciences for the share they get, and between the absence of other alternatives that science has proven effective in treatment thanks to the shortage of interest in studies of such research which will not gain them anything except from the womb my Lord.

Of course, there are good medicines and medical treatments that treat hair problems and other health problems during a wonderful way, and without them many would have died, but at an equivalent time, medicines are a double-edged sword, the smallest amount which will be said is that the average age of individuals , which gradually decreases as science develops, may God have mercy on us from the Corona pandemic. -19, which is one among the strongest evidence of our weak immunity, this virus is described as very weak, but our immunity isn't ready to resist it, and lots of have returned to nature the maximum amount as possible after nature taught them a harsh lesson about abuse.
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Medicines for treating hair loss are many and most of them are developed from herbs and natural oils, and these drugs add a concentrated manner to treat a selected problem within the body after knowing the cause, so it's impossible in the least to treat an unknown ill health caused by the very fact that the drug was made to specialise in one and really focused point, so it's an honest diagnosis. it's the primary line treatment in modern medicine.

Know: the causes of hair loss from the roots

Here are the foremost important methods of treating hair loss with herbs and natural oils:

First: Treating hair loss with natural oils

Natural oils, whether or not they are essential oils like flavorer , lavender oil, rosemary oil ... etc., don't use directly on the body or the scalp, thanks to the strength of those oils and their intense concentration which will cause an allergy to their components, so these oils must be diluted with an oil an important carrier like vegetable oil , copra oil , or maybe medicinal vaseline.

Natural oils prevent hair loss, strengthen it and intensify it by providing nutrients to the hair, strengthening hair follicles and making the scalp healthier additionally to improving blood circulation within the scalp, thus facilitating the absorption of nutrients and oxygen in order that the hair becomes stronger and tolerant of environmental factors and conditions.

1) Recipe purgative with copra oil 

Castor oil isn't used except after diluting it or mixing it with copra oil , and a sensitivity test also can be performed by placing alittle drop on your forearm to form sure that you simply don't suffer from allergies, and here is the way to use:

Add several drops of purgative to copra oil at the speed of a tablespoon of copra oil versus 3 drops of castor oil! copra oil may have to be warmed until it melts.

Leave the mixture a full day before use.

Massaging the scalp with purgative and copra oil is completed once within the morning.

Leave it on the top for half-hour .

Wash hair with water and shampoo.

2) expressed almond oil recipe

Almond oil is one among the simplest natural oils within the treatment of hair loss and preventing hair loss, and it's ideal for thinning hair for its ability to offer hair many nutrients necessary for its growth, and expressed almond oil are often used for hair within the following way:

Mix expressed almond oil with medicinal folin.

Mix the mixture well and leave it for twenty-four hours to completely mix.

Apply to hair daily within the morning.

Wash hair at the top of the day with lukewarm water and shampoo or pure white soap.

3) Tea tree oil recipe

Tea tree oil is one among the simplest anti-inflammatory and bacterial oils.It is suitable for treating hair loss resulting from the formation of dandruff or skin problems on the scalp like fungi, bacteria, etc., and tea tree oil are often used for hair as follows:

Tea tree oil is diluted with any carrier oil like vegetable oil or copra oil .

The tea tree oil blend with a carrier oil is employed to massage the scalp and hair.

Cover head and leave on hair for 20-30 minutes.

Wash hair with water and shampoo.

Tea tree oil are often purchased from perfumery stores and supermarkets, and it should only be used 3-5 times every week .

Other oils to treat hair loss, strengthen it and make it thicker

Here may be a list of the foremost important and best oils for preventing and caring for hair loss:

Rosemary oil.

Lemon oil.

Peppermint oil.

Black seed oil, jojoba oil.

Avocado oil.

Chamomile oil.

Violet oil.

NB! All the oils above are utilized in an equivalent way, several drops of them are added to vegetable oil , medicinal Vaseline or copra oil and mixed well, then drape the scalp and hair, then wash the hair after half an hour and repeat 3 to five times every week .

Second: Treatment of hair loss with herbs

Here are the foremost important herbal remedies for hair loss, because it was mentioned by ancient traditional medicine

M., Chinese medicine and aurveda:

Onion juice, dip the scalp daily with onion juice to grow hair and treat voids, strength and intensify them.
Apple vinegar , the comb is dipped in vinegar and therefore the hair is styled with it to balance the acidity of the hair and improve the absorption of nutrients.

Garlic juice, squeeze garlic and add vegetable oil thereto , then massage the scalp well to strengthen hair and stop it from rupture and obtain obviate dandruff and other fungi (Learn: the way to treat hair loss with garlic).

Watercress juice, watercress leaves are mixed during a blender and hair-pomade with it and massage the scalp on a day to day to strengthen the hair and provides it essential nutrients and stop dandruff.

Aloe vera extract (Aloe Vera), the outer layer of burn plant is removed to get the burn plant gel (the inner layer of it), then mashed well to become gel-like and therefore the hair is massaged well once each day .

Lemon juice, if you suffer from dandruff, the juice of 1 lemon daily for every week will eliminate dandruff and stop hair loss caused by dandruff.

Thyme leaves, thyme leaves are boiled during a little water, with increasing the quantity of water because it decreases until you're sure that the leaf is totally wilted, then leave some water to evaporate to urge concentrated thyme water, and therefore the hair and head are rubbed with thyme water after it cools 3 times every week .

Fenugreek paste, a cup of fenugreek is soaked in an appropriate amount of water for twenty-four hours, then drained from the water and mashed well, and a touch vegetable oil is added thereto and massaged with the scalp daily.

The bottom line

Hair loss treatment with herbs and natural oils is effective to require care of all hair, but you want to follow a healthy lifestyle like , exercise, follow a healthy and diet , reduce levels of hysteria and tension, avoid using dyes and creams that contain chemicals. We avoid pulling hair with a brush. Tight or wrong styles like tight braids, buns, and ponytails, additionally to avoiding the utilization of a heat dryer on the hair.
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Treatment of hair loss with herbs and natural oil

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