Hair Loss And Ways To Treat It

 Hair Loss And Ways To Treat It

Hair Loss And Ways To Treat It

It is estimated that we lose up to 100 hairs throughout the day, a figure that can multiply during the autumn season. Although it is a natural process called 'seasonal telogen effluvium', there are certain factors that can contribute to a greater hair loss. The good news is that it is a reversible process, as for many it is a problem that causes concern.

According to the latest wave of surveys conducted by Cigna in its study 'COVID-19 Global Impact', in August this year, 73% of Americans acknowledged being stressed. This feeling of constant tension, the result of current uncertainty, could stimulate an increase in the number of people experiencing a striking hair fall. And is that, when stress levels are high, the body releases cortisol peaks that directly affect the hair follicle, responsible for the birth, growth and health of hair, contributing to its fall. To achieve this, we will give you perfect ways to treat your hair loss perfectly:

Learn to manage emotions

The only way to combat stress and its consequences in uncontrolled hair loss is to learn to manage your emotions. To achieve this, different guidelines can be applied: try to carry out a more or less planned routine, avoid information oversaturation or try to maintain contact with family, friends and colleagues, sharing our emotional situation with them. It is also very useful to practice some relaxation techniques, such as controlled breathing or diaphragmatic exercises, the so-called "positive visualization" or progressive muscle relaxation sessions.

Bet on a diet rich in omega-3, vitamin A, C and E or iron

In the specific case of hair care, it is important that the diet includes foods such as dried fruits (almonds and walnuts) and oily fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids; green vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, pepper or avocado), as they provide vitamin A, C and E; citrus fruits, for the vitamin C they contain, or legumes, which contribute to capillary health with proteins, iron, zinc and biotin. Keep in mind, likewise, that drastic diets can also lead to sudden hair loss.

Practice sports frequently

Exercising regularly is a great remedy for fighting stress. Sports practice generates endorphins and serotonins, helping to combat this feeling of constant tension. Also, it increases blood flow to the scalp. This translates into more nutrients and oxygen fueling the hair follicles.

Use products adapted to the type of hair

To achieve healthy and strong hair, it is necessary to choose shampoos, conditioners or masks adapted to the type of hair: dry, oily, mixed, thick, thin, curly, straight, wavy ..., with a neutral PH, fortifying properties and Without parabens, colorants or paraffin, to prevent hair damage. The key is that the scalp is always properly nourished and hydrated.

Eliminate toxic habits such as tobacco or alcohol

They have a negative influence on our body since the blood circulation of people with a smoking habit is altered by vasoconstriction, that is, by the narrowing of blood vessels. This, consequently, has a negative impact on the hair follicles, which cannot be nourished normally, making them drier, less elastic and with a worse appearance. Alcohol consumption in excess, meanwhile, causes deficiencies or poor absorption of key nutrients for the hair, leaving it weaker and dull.