A quick solution to heavy hair loss

A quick solution to heavy hair loss

A quick solution to heavy hair loss

If you suffer from losing tons of hair on a day to day , here's a fast solution to heavy hair loss however! Attention must be paid to the necessity to prevent using the incorrect hair care habits and improve the life-style , as hair is that the first to be suffering from the poor lifestyle and mental state .

Hair Care - an summary

Hair, just like the remainder of the body, needs care and a spotlight to grow and regenerate at a traditional rate without disruption within the three growth stages. Rather, hair is that the weakest a part of the body! in order that it's affected quickly as a results of any change within the body. We don't exaggerate in the least if we are saying that dental problems indirectly affect hair! When food isn't chewed well, the gastrointestinal system won't absorb it as needed , and thus the nutrients that reach all of the body, including hair, are reduced.

Evil goes through three stages of development, including:

Growth phase: It lasts from 4 to six years and includes 90% of the hair.

The stage of lethargy: includes 10% of hair, during which hair stops growing and begins to weaken and decay.

Falling stage: In it the hair falls out from the stage of inactivity, and actually , all of his old hair grows thereunder another new hair and pushes the old out and replaces it to start out a replacement hair cycle.

This means that it's normal for hair to fall out daily, and you'll notice this on the pad , within the hairdressing brush, and once you wash your hair, but the hair may fall call at a big rate - quite 10% - and here it's necessary to understand the causes of hair loss and work to stop and stop hair loss.
A quick solution to heavy hair loss

To treat the matter of profuse hair loss, one must first know the causes in order that the treatment is simpler , but regardless of the cause, there are some basics that has got to be worked on to prevent hair loss, and the following pointers are the primary line of treatment for hair loss from the follicles or roots, or maybe the treatment of hair loss.

Here are the simplest quick solutions to heavy hair loss supported the explanation for hair loss:

First: Preventive treatment options and improving lifestyle

Whatever the explanation for your hair loss, the subsequent tips are a primary line treatment:

Eat a diet , and limit your intake of caffeine like tea, coffee, and chocolate, while avoiding fatty and fried foods, fast food, and people containing preservatives.

Drink much of water and fluids. Water and fluids work magic in improving the diet, movement and metabolism process. It also gives the entire body, including hair, adequate hydration and improves vital sign and circulation.

Sleeping adequately, studies have shown that folks who sleep but 6 hours each day have an excellent susceptibility to several health problems, and their hair falls out significantly.

Exercising regularly, two don't differ on the importance of movement and activities within the health of the body, because it improves blood circulation to the body, rejuvenates cells and delivers nutrients well to all or any the body, including hair.

The hair is well ventilated, the hair also breathes and wishes to be ventilated on a day to day , so take care to not cover the hair for twenty-four hours, whether it's for men or women veiled.

Avoid employing a dye or cream that contains chemicals. These work to offer your hair an honest shape for a few time only, but after a not too long period of your time , your hair will start to fall out.
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Avoid ironing the hair, a heat hand blower affects the hair shaft / stem also because the hair follicles and therefore the scalp, which results in gradually weakening the hair and breaking it or maybe rupture from the roots.

Avoid using wrong styling habits, like tight braids and ponytails, which cause hair pulling and cause great pressure on the scalp and hair follicles, especially within the frontal cortex , which results in hair loss and sometimes to traction alopecia.

Using a wide-toothed brush, a narrow-toothed brush / comb results in hair pulling, peeling or rupture from the roots, and with continued damage to the scalp during a way which will not be undone or treated easily.
Second: a fast solution to profuse hair loss thanks to vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamins, minerals, hormones and other nutrients is one among the foremost common causes of hair loss for both women and men alike, in order that some doctors consider hair loss a sign of a scarcity of nutrition, since hair is that the very first thing within the body to be affected thanks to any ill health that happens thereto . .
Solutions to treat heavy hair loss thanks to nutrient deficiency and hormonal imbalances include:

Address deficiencies within the diet:

If deficiencies within the diet are addressed, the hair will quickly return to normal. Vitamins and minerals that are important for healthy hair growth include:




Vitamins like vitamin E , C, D, B12, and B6.

Fatty acids like omega-3.

Treating digestive problems:

Digestive problems cause the lack of the intestine to soak up food well during the metabolism process, which causes hair loss thanks to a scarcity of vitamins and minerals important for hair growth, and digestive problems that has got to be figured out to solve:

Dental and gum problems that cause not chewing food well.

Heartburn and GERD.

Germ stomach.

Infiltration of the intestine.


Crohn's disease.

Nourish and ventilate hair well:

Failure to ventilate the hair well results in its loss thanks to the shortage of nutrients that it's going to get from the air. Hair also breathes, if you'll , as we mentioned earlier, so you want to instigate:

Daily exposure to the sun carefully to get vitamin D , which is named the sun vitamin.

Ventilate hair daily as possible.

Use essential oils like vegetable oil and copra oil directly on hair.

Use essential oils like rosemary oil, lemon volatile oil , and flavorer after diluting them with a carrier oil.

Use of blends fromZilli like fenugreek paste, watercress juice, and onion juice.

Third: a fast fix for heavy hair loss from home

Home mixes are one among the simplest and safest ways to treat hair problems of all types and causes, even without knowing the explanation for your hair loss, home mixes or recipes with following the instructions of preventive treatment are going to be the answer for your hair loss, unless the cause is immunity or a chronic disease.

Home hair loss treatment mixes and recipes include:

Mixture of onion juice, it's been scientifically proven that onions improve hair growth and intensify it quickly compared to the other medicines or treatment methods. Olive oil, copra oil or burn plant extract are often added to the onion juice and massaged on the scalp and left for half an hour then wash with water and shampoo.

Hibiscus juice has revitalizing properties for hair, it also reduces dandruff and helps improve nutrient-bearing blood flow to the scalp and improves vital sign . you'll massage the scalp with a touch honey or burn plant extract or any volatile oil .

Watercress leaves juice, watercress leaves are squeezed and placed on the hair with a scalp massage to stop rapid hair loss profuse.

Eggs, are rich in iron, protein, phosphorous, iodine, zinc and sulfur, and may be mixed with vegetable oil and honey to enhance hair growth and stop brittleness and loss.

Lemon juice, lemon works to stop dandruff, help hair growth, strengthen follicles, and make the scalp more vibrant, it's enough to only massage the scalp with juice on a day to day .

In fact, there are many useful home mixtures and recipes in treating hair loss, but you ought to concentrate to the hair and skin a bit like the stomach, so what you can't eat don't put it on your head and skin, in fact the medicines also are harmful as they treat something and harm another, but the damage is a smaller amount it's useful and absolutely indispensable to resort to a doctor.
The bottom line

If you're trying to find a fast solution to heavy hair loss, then our advice to you is to follow preventive treatment instructions, improve your diet and exercise, especially within the case of paperwork , additionally to avoiding putting any chemicals on the hair and being satisfied with shampoo and household recipes on the long level, taking under consideration the necessity to enhance the psychological factor and reduce levels of hysteria and tension.

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A quick solution to heavy hair loss

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