Hair loss problems in men

Baldness, especially hereditary baldness, has become a drag of the days , and it's one among the foremost common causes of hair loss for men of all ages and genders. Some believe that baldness in men is evidence of intelligence and virility, in order that some became proficient in describing a man’s intelligence rate consistent with the situation of the baldness (falling hair) in his head. However, studies have shown that baldness is caused by psychological disorders and inherited genetic defects, and this is often what we'll discuss within the following lines.

Hair loss problems in men

Stages of normal hair growth in men

The hair of men and ladies (Know the causes of hair loss when miserable and its treatment) passes alike through several growth stages, because it moves from one stage to a different consistent with the age of 1 hair, meaning that hair is like all living organism that goes through stages like childhood, youth, then adulthood and death If you'll !, an individual dies to get replaced by another man who is stronger and more beneficial to the earth , and also poetry goes through similar stages, which include:

The growth phase is named anagen

This stage is taken into account to be the stage of childhood and youth, where the hair appears for the primary time then grows at an excellent rate very quickly, and therefore the growth stage ranges from 4 to six years in normal cases. But! If there's a drag , this stage is extremely short, which results in hair loss.

It is worth noting here that 90% of your hair grows within the growth stage, and this continues for 4-6 years as we mentioned before moving to subsequent stage.

The dormant phase is named telogen

At this stage, the hair is taken into account because the old man, where the hair stops growing completely and begins to gradually shrink and weaken its ends, but it doesn't fall out at this stage. The dormant phase lasts between 2 to three months, until the hair moves to a different location of growth.

The stage of hair loss is named phlegene

This stage is taken into account the stage of adulthood , where the hair begins to fall out, actually the hair doesn't fall out by itself, but the new hair comes out under the old hair and pushes it out, and thus the new replaces the old and starts a replacement growth cycle.

It is worth noting here, that only 10% of the hair enters the dormant stage or the falling stage, in order that it's not clear that your hair is rupture , or falling in very small amounts that appear on the hairdressing brush or within the morning while washing the hair.
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Causes of hair loss in men

Many of the explanations may affect the stages of hair growth within the man, and thus cause quite usual hair loss or quite 10%, as we mentioned, the causes of hair loss for men include the following:

1) Androgenetic baldness

And genetic baldness is one among the foremost common causes of hair loss in men, and this sort of hair loss that ultimately results in baldness results from inheriting distorted genes or defects that cause hair loss. it's worth noting! And hereditary baldness and genetic problems generally haven't any cure. However, good management of them can slow hair loss and delay baldness considerably.

2) hormonal causes (a disturbance within the level of hormones)

Although the causes of hormonal hair loss are rare in men compared to women - this is often thanks to the very fact that a woman’s body undergoes many changes like pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, menopause, breastfeeding, etc.- but it's not excluded because the changes which will occur within the hormones that It regulates the body’s functioning and growth, like estrogen, progesterone and androgen hormones, which cause an imbalance within the stages of hair growth and thus hair loss.

3) psychological factors

A man experiences many psychological factors daily, such as:

Anxiety and stress.

Stress and pressure at work.

Fear of losing employment .

Constant brooding about providing for his family.

Study and exams.

Lack of sleep.

Such psychological factors reflect negatively on the entire body, as they raise levels of the hormone adrenaline and therefore the hormone cortisol, which put the body during a state of utmost emergency, causing the brain to focus all its energy on feeding the muscles, heart, kidneys or vital organs within the body to face danger.

Therefore, it's normal once you feel anxious and tense or fear that your heartbeat will accelerate and feel alert, if you're constantly anxious and tense and can't use your brain and body properly, the issues start like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and digestive problems - like what happens with highschool students of constipation or diarrhea. Before and through the exams - your hair is additionally suffering from psychological factors and begins to fall out as a results of the psychological factor.

You are also expected to note a white spot in your hair (white hair) after a sudden psychological or nervous shock, and an outsized amount of your hair may fall out as a results of this sudden shock.

4) Immunological causes

Immunity is that the body's weapon in fighting diseases and pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and parasites), but an immune defect may occur that results in immune cells attacking glands or vital parts of the body, like what happens in allergies, where the system overreacts against the components of the body itself Among the foremost important immune diseases that cause hair loss:

Alopecia areata, during which the body attacks areas of the skin and results in hair loss.

Diabetes. during which the body attacks the pancreatic gland and affects the hormone insulin.

Scalp psoriasis, which is an immune disorder that leads to red patches of skin covered with white or silver scales.

SLE, which is an immune problem that affects hair and causes it to fall out.

Hashimoto's disease, which causes hypothyroidism.

In previous immune problems, immune cells attack hair follicles and cause large amounts of hair loss, and should cause baldness. it's also worth noting that! Immune diseases are difficult to treat. It needs good disease management and long-term treatment.

5) pathological reasons

It is natural for diseases and physical problems to affect the whole body, including the scalp and hair follicles. Perhaps the foremost important diseases that affect hair growth and cause hair loss in men and ladies alike are the following:


Chronic (stress).

High levels of harmful cholesterol, triglycerides, and liver fats.

Cardiovascular problems.

Digestive problems like stomach germ, regional enteritis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Thyroid problems and disorders.

In fact, there's an outsized list of health problems which will affect hair growth, as these diseases prevent blood flow well to all or any of the body and thus the nutrients needed for hair growth to not reach the scalp and hair follicles. With reference to problems and disorders of the gastrointestinal system , the intestine is unable to digest food well (metabolism) and thus the lack to soak up nutrients from food.

6) Mistakes in styling and dyeing

Mistakes occur, like the frequent use of a heat dryer in styling, the utilization of dyes or straightening creams that contain chemicals, additionally to washing the hair with polluted water or leaving the hair without washing for a really while with tons of dust, the hair dries, breaks and falls.

The problem of hair loss in men and baldness or genetic baldness is one among the foremost common problems of the age , during which many reasons could also be involved like psychological problems, genetic factors, immune disorders additionally to some chronic diseases like pressure, diabetes and thyroid disorders, the incorrect use of some drugs may lead Or the utilization of chemical drugs also to lose men's hair.

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Hair loss problems in men

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