Causes of baldness and solutions to prevent it

 Causes of baldness and solutions to prevent it

Causes of baldness and solutions to prevent it

Baldness may be a quite common condition that affects most of the people at some point in their lives. Medical professionals distinguish between the causes of alopecia thanks to hair loss, breakage (brittleness) of hair, reduced hair growth or other genetic factors. What are the causes of baldness and what are the solutions to stop it?

Causes of baldness

When we mention hair, we are discussing a sensitive and important topic for the overwhelming majority of individuals . Hair refers to beauty and elegance and draws the face during a glamorous way, but problems do occur. There are many diseases which will affect your hair and scalp, like skin diseases and other problems like baldness.

There are many reasons which will cause baldness, and possible causes of baldness include the following:

Genetic causes of baldness (effect of testosterone).

Genetic factor is that the main and commonest explanation for baldness, and it always starts from an early age. Genetic baldness may begin gradually from the age of twenties and should be delayed until after thirty years, so there's no specific measure of the occurrence of genetic baldness.

Baldness common (androgenetic alopecia) occurs in both men and ladies thanks to the influence of testosterone metabolites within the follicle that are suffering from genetics.

Psychological causes of alopecia (the effect of hysteria and stress).

The second explanation for baldness is that the psychological factor, because the stress, tension and stress that you simply could also be exposed to daily results in many serious health problems, which can include high vital sign and digestive problems.

And cause digestive problems and high vital sign to baldness thanks to lack or poor access to vitamins and elements important for hair growth and strengthening the follicles and exposing the scalp to possible skin problems.

Causes of organic baldness (the effect of some diseases).

Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, syphilis , chemotherapy, and low levels of the vitamin may cause hair loss.

As we explained within the point , hair is one among the components of the body, or what affects hair and causes its loss, and baldness over time is vital sign , digestive problems and skin diseases.

Causes of baldness resulting from the utilization of medicines (such as alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes).

It is worth noting that a lot of drugs classify "hair loss" among the possible side effects of the drug. Some drugs, like chemotherapy or radiotherapy , and immunosuppressants usually cause hair loss and baldness. it's known medically that hair falls out completely after one year of using chemotherapy.

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Other common causes of baldness

Among the opposite common causes of baldness and hair loss generally , which can be classified into organic or functional disease, or an unhealthy lifestyle:

alopecia .

Cover the top constantly without ventilation.

Nervous shock.

Excessive intake of caffeine and stimulants (tea, coffee, and chocolate).

Obesity (may cause blood to not flow well to hair follicles).

A poor diet and lacking important vitamins and nutrients.

Lack of sleep.
Solutions to stop baldness and hair loss

Important warning ..! There are few products that are scientifically proven and supported by the US Food and Drug Administration, and lots of of the products available within the market that their owners claim reduce the probabilities of developing baldness and stop hair loss, haven't been registered and should are rejected also , so you want to take care during this regard.

Ways to stop baldness and hair loss include the following:

Pay careful attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the hair, but to not overdo it either.

Managing psychological problems and controlling anxiety and tension using relaxation techniques and mental meditation.

Diversify food sources and not repeat one type for several days.

Get enough sleep a day .

Exercising to spice up vital sign , cardiovascular health and thus hair follicles.

Not to be confused with many hair products.

Using natural recipes that contain vegetable oil and honey to strengthen hair follicles, prevent hair loss, prevent baldness or delay its onset.

Scalp massage to enhance blood circulation and thus access to nutrients and important elements for hair growth, which prevents hair loss and prevents baldness.

Avoid blow dry, iron, dyes and straighten hair using hair straighteners that aren't barren of dangerous chemicals that quickly cause baldness.
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Causes of baldness and solutions to prevent it

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