Hair breakage causes and treatment

 Hair breakage causes and treatment

Hair breakage causes and treatment

Hair is exposed to many factors that affect its health and beauty, from the pollutants that surround us, to the use of products that damage the hair to the use of electric dryers and straighteners.

All of these factors and others make hair lose its vitality and beauty, and lead to many problems, the most important of which is the problem of hair breakage, so our conversation today will be about the causes of hair loss and its treatment.

What is hair breakage?

Hair split is the breakage and division of the hair, where the ends of the hair appear unequal in length, and each hair is divided from one end into two or more parts and is weak and brittle.

Hair loss is one of the most important manifestations of hair damage, so when you notice that your hair is being broken, know that you are on the first path to hair damage, but do not worry, we will know the causes of hair loss and its treatment below.

Causes of hair breakage,

The reasons for hair loss are many and many, some of which are simple and may not pay attention to him, and some of which you do not have a command to change, and these reasons are:
  • Genetics: Genetics did not leave a symptom or disease, but it played a role in its occurrence and transmission between generations, and genetics was one of the causes of hair loss. You may take care of your hair in the best way, but nevertheless you find it vulnerable to breakage, and by searching among your family members you will often find that some of them suffer from breakage of hair, which you have inherited and you have nothing to change.
  • Drought: It is the most important reason for hair breakage, the lack of moisture needed by the hair leads to dryness and thus easy to break and split, so when you notice your hair dryness, you should know that you are definitely exposed to hair breakage. Dehydration is also sometimes hereditary, so the way you care for your hair is unlikely to be the cause.
  • Exhausts and harmful gases: We live in a world polluted with all kinds of exhaust, starting from car exhaust, factory fumes, pesticides and other toxins that affect the health of our hair, and even our health in general. These exhausts harm the follicles and the scalp, in addition to the hairs themselves, so the hair loses its health and vitality and makes it dry, and thus it is the cause of hair loss.
  • Malnutrition: Some believe that external hair care from oils, moisturizers and others is sufficient to maintain the health and vitality of hair, but this is a completely wrong concept. Hair health comes from the health of the body first, and if the body is not healthy and receives adequate nutrition, this will be reflected on the hair and its health, and therefore the lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the food eaten is the most important cause of hair loss, as well as anemia, which is the lack of iron in the blood is the cause of hair pounding .
  • Hair dryers and straighteners: We use hair dryers all the time to speed up the drying of the hair after washing it, and we also use hair straighteners and curlers to get a great look for dryer and styled hair in the fastest and shortest time. But although these devices are practical and fast, their frequent use actually leads to permanent hair dryness, which in turn leads to hair breakage.
  • Hair dyes and relaxers: A person needs to change his appearance every once in a while, so he resorts to some methods that give his appearance beauty and difference, and there will be nothing that can make a person’s appearance different, such as changing hair color.

There are many types of hair dyes on the market that differ in their prices and chemical composition, and here we must pay attention to the effect of these dyes on the hair, as their frequent use, especially certain types that contain severe chemicals, lead to stress on the hair and thus break it. Also, the individual creams cause stress on the hair and work on its loss and breakage.
  • Stress and anxiety: They have become rightfully characteristic of this era, and studies have shown that the emotions associated with stress and anxiety affect the human health in general, weaken his body's immunity to diseases, and also weaken the health of hair and lead to dryness and split ends.
  • Stress and fatigue: Both stress and fatigue directly affect the health of hair and make it more vulnerable to hair loss and split ends. Not only is we referring to physical stress, but mental stress also negatively affects hair health.
  • Reducing the number of hair washes is one of the causes of hair loss, which affects its health and beauty: Leaving the hair without washing for several days causes the dirt and oils to multiply on the periphery of the hairs and around the roots and block the air necessary for its health. Likewise, washing the hair too much makes it lose the natural oils needed to moisturize it, leading to dryness, and then to split ends. Also, the type of shampoo used contributes to the occurrence of split ends if it is not suitable for the type of hair. For example, shampoo intended for oily hair is not suitable for use on dry hair, and vice versa, because each has a special formula that suits the nature of the hair intended for it.
  • Tools used to comb and style hair: Could you imagine that the type of comb or hairbrush could be the cause of split ends? Yes, it is a fact, it has been proven that combs with narrow or sharp teeth lead to hair breakage and split, and that sometimes it may lead to hair loss, especially if the hair is styled while wet.
  • Scalp infections: Infection of the scalp with some skin and fungal infections sometimes leads to hair loss, and these infections are caused by skin diseases.

 Hair breakage treatment,

There are several ways to treat hair loss, including the medical treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, and some simple ones that rely on traditional home methods, and these methods, despite their simplicity, have good results.

If you notice the breakage at its beginning, and at a stage that can be controlled, you can follow the following natural home recipes, but if the breakage has affected your hair completely, it is preferable to go to a dermatologist to diagnose the condition, find out the causes, and follow the best way to treat your hair.

Home natural recipes

These recipes are called natural because all their ingredients are natural, and this motivates many to use them, as there are no chemicals that can harm the hair, and these recipes vary in terms of ingredients and nature, there are masks and there are home-made shampoos, and we will present the best of those proven recipes to reduce split ends Hair.

  • Egg whites and mayonnaise
Egg white is one of the rich sources of protein necessary to keep your hair from damage and split ends, and it is used as an ingredient in many hair products. It can be used as a hair mask after washing it well with the appropriate shampoo for your hair and rinsing it with water, where it is massaged into the hair up to the ends and covered for half an hour, then rinse well with lukewarm water.
And if you do not like the idea of ​​putting eggs on your hair, you can add some mayonnaise to your bath cream, as it has the same properties and gives amazing results.

  • Aloe vera
It is one of the plants known for its benefits for hair, as it is included in the composition of many hair preparations, and it can also be used as a natural home mask by extracting the pulp of aloe vera, which is similar to gel in texture, and massaging the hair with it, it prevents split ends and increases the length of the hair.

  • Almond oil
One of the amazing oils that keeps your hair beautiful and healthy, you can use it without additives to massage your hair, or you can add avocado to make a natural mask to resist split ends.

  • olive oil
It is one of the best oils used for hair, and in addition to being used to treat hair loss, it helps hair grow and reduces hair loss. It can be used daily without additives, and you can also add papaya to make a hair mask for better results.

  • White honey
It is the magic solution to the problem of split ends, and you will be surprised when you find your hair has improved within a few days of its daily use, just dilute it with some water and apply it on your hair simply and massage it from the roots to the ends. You can also add a mashed banana to pure honey and a spoonful of olive oil to make a hair mask.