Argan Oil And Its Benefits For Hair

Argan Oil And Its Benefits For Hair

Argan Oil And Its Benefits For Hair

Argan oil is obtained from the seeds of the fruits of the argan tree, a species that only grows in southwestern Morocco. Used for centuries by the Berber peoples, today it is appreciated throughout the world for its many nutritional and cosmetic properties. With high levels of vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids, it is especially suitable for skin and hair care.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

Any type of treatment that is based mainly on the properties of the argan seed has the benefit of being able to favor the hair from the hydration, strength and repair that it could have from the mistreatment of the scalp.

Argan Oil is a very important source of energy for the head and that makes the volume of your hair grow according to the needs as well as the disposition of the root, sebaceous gland, follicle, sebum and surface of the skin.

Argan oil also has a great contribution of vitamin E, improving the nutrition and hydration of the hair.

To the touch, the hair is much more silky and soft, favoring its hairstyle when we apply any type of product that is based on this type of natural agent. Which is becoming more and more expensive due to its high demand and low availability.

How to apply Argan Oil to Hair
Argan Oil And Its Benefits For Hair

Argan oil is very beneficial for the skin that is why it is so in demand today and many times it is not easy to get good quality. To take care of health, many times this type of oils are essential not only to have a better part of the body but to provoke general well-being when we see ourselves in a mirror or when we reflect youth, shine and vitality on the eyes of other people.

Medicinal remedies and therapies are always good when a doctor advises and recommends us, but in this case, being totally natural is something that will always be good since it is provided by nature. We are going to explain step by step how you have to do to apply this oil to your hair:

  • First, you have to choose a towel that you want to use and you do not mind that it gets a little stained, then you try to put that towel wet to heat on a stove that you take care not to catch fire.
  • When you already have the towel perfectly hot without burning obviously, you can start by applying the argan oil to your hair slowly so that it takes all the length from the end to the tip, mainly that it is well embedded in the scalp taking well the root to the middle and ends of each strand that you apply.
  • We highly recommend this process if your highlights break, it is ideal to solve this problem.
  • Try not to have greasy hair because otherwise, it will be counterproductive, as everything, if you apply it in excess, will be bad and instead of having a benefit it will be a detriment.
  • Then massage the argan oil in a circular way with fingertips. It is an exercise that tires your hands but try to do it for at least 15 minutes and that it will be a change for your hair and hairstyle that you like to do the most.
  • Finally, with a towel you must wrap your hair letting the effect and the properties of the oil act for 30 minutes to 1 hour, the longer you leave it much better for its result.
  • With your shampoo that you generally use and plenty of water, wash well and remove all residues that may remain.

With this step-by-step process, you will gain to have your hair more resistant to dyes, cold weather and sun rays as well as that your roots are increasingly stronger and reinforced, benefiting hydration as the main point.