Biotin And Its Benefits For Hair Growth

Biotin And Its Benefits For Hair Growth
Biotin And Its Benefits For Hair Growth

When we notice signs of hair loss, it is essential to stop it as soon as possible. There are numerous hair loss treatments on the market that can help curb alopecia. The biotin for hair growth is one of them because it is a vitamin that helps maintain strong, healthy and growing hair.

Biotin for hair growth: getting to know this nutrient in detail

For good health, we need a series of nutrients. It is important to obtain them from food. If we do not provide the body with the "bricks" necessary to build the various structures, they will not be able to be manufactured properly. This is what happens with hair and biotin.

So, what is biotin?

It is a vitamin of group B, also called vitamin B7, coenzyme R or vitamin H. It is a key nutrient for the enzymes that are responsible for building our skin and hair to work.

Properties of biotin for hair

Biotin helps maintain healthy hair and splendid skin. In itself, it provides greater strength to nails and hair, while reducing the levels of dandruff and alopecia.

On the other hand, biotin is essential to improve the health of hair roots and follicles. It works by improving blood supply and, therefore, increasing oxygenation levels in different tissues, including the hair bulb. But it also acts on other organs and cellular processes. For example, it is an essential compound to tackle type 2 diabetes mellitus, by improving blood glucose levels and reducing insulin resistance.

Of course, vitamin H also maintains a favorable mood and helps control episodes of stress. This is essential since it is known that the stress we experience can lead to hair loss.

Biotin benefits for hair

The main benefit of biotin for hair growth, when in a shampoo, is its volumizing effect. The biotin can be attached to the stem of the hair in a way that strengthens and increases. This is the reason why biotin shampoos have such a rapid volumizing effect, although in the long term they do not necessarily contribute to hair health.

In general, however, biotin shampoos make hair healthier. This is because biotin shampoos are generally very well formulated. They tend to be sulfate-free, which is great for preventing hair from drying out while keeping it clean.

Symptoms of a lack of biotin

At present, it is difficult to experience a complete lack of biotin if you maintain a balanced diet. This vitamin is found in many foods that can provide the total daily requirements. In addition, our own intestinal flora is also capable of synthesizing it in small quantities.

Still, there is the possibility that you are not absorbing the vitamin properly, even when eating certain foods that may decrease its bioavailability (such as eating raw egg white). In any case, the most prominent symptom is the loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Also, we must highlight the appearance of seborrheic dermatitis and conjunctivitis, along with neurological symptoms such as depression and seizures.

How to use biotin shampoo

Using biotin shampoo every other day is ideal for people with oily hair, while those with drier scalps can shampoo infrequently such as once a week.

It's always a good idea to follow up on biotin shampoo with a matching conditioner or nourishing mask without rinsing. Once you have everything rinsed out, keep your hair healthy by pinching or drying it with a soft towel instead of rubbing it, this will prevent hair loss and breakage.