How to straighten hair and make it smooth.

 How to straighten hair and make it smooth.

How to straighten hair and make it smooth.

Some people strive to have fine, loose hair, and get rid of the appearance of coarse hair, and coarse hair may be difficult to manage and dry, which leads to the coarse hair being considered a problem in itself, and coarse hair is more predisposed to exposure and breakage.

Natural mixtures to straighten hair

These mixtures:
  •  Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is one of the natural substances effective in softening coarse hair, as apple cider vinegar neutralizes the natural acidity level of the hair, gives it the appropriate pH to become smooth, shiny and less rough, and removes the effect of hair washing materials and the remains of shampoo and conditioner stuck in it.
  • Rub the scalp with hot oil: Hot oil is one of the most beneficial substances for hair, as it removes dryness, gives it moisture, prevents split ends, removes roughness, and leaves the hair more smooth and easy to manage, and you can use olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. 
  • Mixing mayonnaise with olive oil and eggs: eggs contain protein and fat compounds necessary to give hair softness, and when a mixture of olive oil, eggs, and mayonnaise is made, and applied to the hair, the hair becomes silky smooth, and gives it moisture and vitality.
  •  A mixture of eggs with olive oil and cucumber: put an egg with an appropriate amount of olive oil and a chopped cucumber in an electric mixer, and put it on the hair.
  • Avocado fruit: Avocado fruits contain great nutrients that give hair nourishment, softness and necessary moisture, and give it a natural shine, as one avocado and banana fruit is mashed with two tablespoons of yogurt, coconut water and olive oil, and it is applied to the hair for half an hour, then washed Hair with shampoo.
  •  Fenugreek: Fenugreek contains lecithin, which is an important moisturizing factor that gives coarse hair moisture and shine, making it smooth and easy to style, and getting rid of roughness, by grinding fenugreek seeds and mixing them with yogurt and olive oil and applying them to the hair, with a scalp massage
  • Aloe Vera: The gel extracted from aloe vera leaves is the most abundant material containing the amino acids, vitamins, and moisturizing elements necessary to soften the hair and add vitality and shine to it, by massaging the scalp with natural aloe vera gel. 
  • Honey: Apply honey with a little coconut oil on the hair, and massage the scalp for a quarter of an hour. 
  • Hibiscus: Hibiscus is a softener and conditioner for hair, and it protects it from split ends and roughness, and gives it luster.

 Chemical Treatments


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Keratin hair treatment is one of the recently famous treatments to soften hair, because it has little damage and is suitable for all types of hair, whether it is wavy or curly. 

Chemical smoothing 

The hair can be washed with a chemical solution for smoothing and strengthening. Where it is applied from 4 to 5 hours and its effects last for 3 months, and the treatment must be regular to maintain the smoothness of the hair, but you must pay attention when using it, it harms the hair because it contains a lot of chemicals that break the natural bonds of the hair, and it is not suitable for dyed hair.